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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

OGM new new new LAYOUT ...!!!!!!!! mwhahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2003

blah blah

Monday, January 20, 2003

hello ... no long no see.. fuck fuck fuck !!! i reali sowie abt tat .. but i cant take it ... its about mu mobile .. i hav lost it after went out with bc, dav, bun, jd, we went to ffld show ground then bc dav and jd each of them brought ddr . well they since got a ddr but dont have any cd, so they we to ct searching for ddr cd play station format, so they can pratice at ome ... lol... well let get back to my problem, my mobile ,, hehe i didnt lose its .. hahah i fool u all... well actualy its been take over sea.. here the story... my older bro have promise my cuz over sea .. that he giv my cuz a mob .. .. but since my cuz want its so much .. so my older bro took my mobile and give it to my cuz... well since then im so bored .. coz i dont have mob .. now . im a guy with out mobile... orh well, i dont cares that much anyway .. mobile isnt a thing that you dont reali need them .. well .. yea.. anyway .. that isnt a thing im concer about ... can any one tell me how is feel when you know that there is some one around about to die, well i dont know how its feel. when i heard the new .. i have no feeling at all .. is thatso sad for me .. well... i can tell u this ... even those i know that my parents isnt here.. i dont know im should cry or not .. is just i have the feeling inside but there is nothing that make me cry ... i dont know .. when there is something sad happen i since to have no tearsat all... its like last time when suome one i reali like i reali miss him but then when i heard the news that him past away, i have no tears .. its coz i hav no feeling or i have no heart .. i ask myself that dont how come i dont feel sad ... well well since last feel day i heard from my dad there is some one reali close to me. waititng for day, i feel sad for its i think about ist over and over but i can not cry, its tat reali sad to me, well i have gtg now . dont forgot to tell me how its feel, contact me if you know!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2003

hey pplz.. .. wat chu doin>??? well..yes.. yesterday was was my older bro bday... sin the begin i woke up ... my b luvin mum yelll at me "u beta wake up b4 i cum n kick ur ass.. of the bed.."" .. heh ... juz kidding ..my mum woudnt say tat... heh, so yea... wen i woke up help help ... my older bro.. syay... he need help .. man oh man .. tat bloody fink so heavy.. is he karaoke set!.. well .. yes he set up in the garage, so we could sing n dance at night, well yes, abt 8 my mum drive me to cabramatta buy foods n food , for da bigger party of my bro coz he's 21 yr old heh .. "happy B'day bigbro"!! uhmm well we brought so many stuff .. of coz bbq, jellys, sausages, beef, lamp, etc ,,, but then yet der is shu shi .. .. well wat chu know my bluvin daddy can make shushi... big deal heh ... ... wait tel chu wat ,, i gtg ... heh ... sin realy late now heh .. is juz 10 pm.. tat is fuck ... u know tat is bloody *beep*... yes yes ...heh ...i'll continue.. like yea wen i hav time heh ....well hav a gud day pplz .. ehhe ... bye for now .. heh ... wel guest wat .. i hav lost my password o upload my site.. .. ARGGGGGG .. well im off to do new site.. a beta one ..jus like kiet and anne..i'll do it soon heh .. i dotn noe .. .. mayb ekeke ..okie bye gud nite pplz.. of im too bed now .. eh heh

Monday, January 06, 2003

hey pllZ.. is long time i havnt post yet!!!! well well.. i dont hav much too say!!!! on last sat' i went to fld showground, with my mum n she brought me 2 pairs of jeanZ.. 1 flares n 1 striaght... n yes a buy this radio finiy.. unmm .. i ask ppl wat do u fick of this.. how much u think its cost...?? n they sed around $100 ...lol.. NOT even.. its like around $10 ... ... after we tat we drive to cabr "di an pho" but catually im havin "com ga da gion" in stread /.. den abt 1 i meet up wif a few friends gt da buddha scout, heh den they drive me to their place n havin bbq, wasnt fun but i won abt $1.20 for playing card... lol $$$ so much on last sunday, my family went to para for yumcha ... ... by da time they get there they enter this famous shop .."DOWNTOWN DUTY FREE".. well as u noe y ppl there for.... yes .. they buyin dis DM i dont noe how much its cost its something like kenwood PDC-X527-H... den they went to livo . n i stay waitin of bc... by da time bc come!!!!! we bum around westfield .. den... we plan gt hurstville ... same thing we bummm around there n hav sumfin to eat... den bc want to wanna cut his hair so yea.. we went in to dis hair salon ... chinese owner .. yes .... they cut like all honkie style ,, :) u c there isnt must thing to do wen u outside.. heh ...

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

hey hey ... gues wat ... today actually is new year!!! lol .. happy new year every1 ...!!!! well i sudta ... post dis mornin but no too bs to design my banner ... fuk tat take whole day .. heh ,.... well i sud tell u wat hapenn last nite heh.. da ... nite b4... tat jjohn tell me tat ... minh a hav a plan on yesterdaiz.. but isnt giv me full detail... so john tell me to get on net . at 8 next .. mornin... so yea .. me rob bc john... was on but der is no sign of minh... so rob ... call him up ... but he still sleep.. tat make us sooooo pisss off ... ... well den i gues tat fin is cancel... well john want to go out wif he gf.. so ... we meet up at canley at 10 but den john god us he went b4 us.. to livo wit he gf n her lil bro.... ... by da tym we get to westfield.. we rush to see lord of the ring" but den da show at 12... so we got our ass on da sit at food court well ofcoz we eat ... but not much .. heh i get a kid meal at red rooter...lol.. n i got two furby.. LOL "wat so funi abt tat i hav two furby?" well its coz it hav ......??? lol... well ... yea ... after eattin . i saw my fwen he went wif sis... i dont noe ... 'em two went out or sumfin heh... well i guest da movie not bad... neway... by da tym we got out of da cinema went back to da food court... john n his gf .... split up wif us .. bc rob n me ... head to da station.. rob went home .... me n bc head to ct... by 6pm i fink so im not sure :) ....well .. at ct .. we bum in galaxy world... we actually win lk 10 to 15 token but den eventually we lost 'em all ..:) ...der was two chick play da same machine ...well they reali ... not bad.. they shake da machine eventually da token got out... we lukin n laugh...lol..arnt they lucky coz they havnt cause by keeper ..... well b4 we got up to galaxy world ... we see minh n his gf... i dont noe y he neva admit she is his gf......well yes we actually dont want to interrup 'em .. so yea.... after all both of us head to darling harbour... n we sit at opera house like two idiot geek ... lol... ... at 8:55 pm we head it to where we can see firework ... so crowd ... but den come no where bc sed "9oclock da chich lukin at us" lol so i luk ova ta side.. i see der is a chick in white pant n tight ass ...lk there is no undies ...lol... starin at bc ........i fink ... n tat how bc describe her like lol hehe .. i dont noe .. well ... yea.....i kinna doesnt cares.. much abt it ... coz ... om my head there is sumfin missin it ... LOlZ .... FUCKEN HELL ...MY HAT fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ... tat fuck coz .. i lost my hat .......on da train ... tat fuck ... coz .. i felt sleep... n yea da hat drop on floor ... forgot to pick up... i fick tat how i lose it ..fuck ... well ... yea.. full on ... fuck fuck .. at tat time .. well well ....... bc sed "man da chick still lukin at us" ... man ... well ...tat like at 9 pm sumfin ... well me n bc ... went to buy bottle of water... guess how much it tat ..$4 ... tat shiet man ...... well ... we head back to opera house....den firework at 12 oclock were shown... tat last for 15-20 mins .... after tat we head to station... da damn ticket doesnt work so we line up like lil kid ... buyin another ticket... so crowd... we finally go on da trian ... on da train .. i hav no idea wat happen ... well coz i was sleep .. by da time ui got on ... den i wake up on da rite time wen da train stop at fld... well we wait like 20 mins for taxi... well i dont hav enough $$$ but yea da taxi driver so .. nice ... he take me back home ..n i paid him like $7 from fld statin to my fld west... but tat wasnt correct prizzze ..i was lk $20 ... heh ...lol... so i head to da batroom .. n den lukin for sumfin to eat...but der isnt nefin to eat... so i head to bed ... n sleep.....

Sunday, December 29, 2002

to fwen today at home im continue with my site, afterward i abt to upload my site at the same time i was on icq ... i don't noe wat took me talking to kt, she isnt herself ... tat wasnt kt, (is her cuz) "hey im not kt, kt isnt here shein da hospital" her cuz said ,.. i starting panic ... n asked wat wat wrong with her .. but is a dissappointed coz her cuz dont hav time tell me abt it, kt'cuz told me to ask minh, aiight ... den m talking to minh and he told me tat kt had accident in da bathroom, bleeding in da sink,.. "tell me more abt it" i asked minh "tat all wat i heard man, i tell u wat i heard" minh answers...by dis time cum no where my internets disconnected "tat *beep*" ... i try to get back on but den my comp havin trouble shoting... i hate it wen its happen .. :P i cant do nefin more keep trying still cant .. den i restarted my comp. still doesnt work . i shutdown ..till nite time i turn on again and connect to da net.. 'yes!" is work at tat bc n mt also dw was on too...den im telling bc n dav abt kat, they start to worry abt her too.. i tell 'em to ask minh more detail ... welll yea tat abt it .. i juz hope me babe feeling well soon.. BTW tell jd at it ASAP!! thank you...

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