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Saturday, December 28, 2002

hey pll... holidayz...is da tym being lazy.. today is tammy b'day.. i suppose cum wif dav to newsagrent buy a bag for tammy' present, by da time i woke up is sin still early i turn on my comp' for continue my hpZ. so i keep doin it till a msg from dav. he ask "where are you" i tell him i was onm da bus but i wasnt (heh .. sowie dav) .. well i arrived at station at 10 he complanin abt i was late.. :P newayz... i try my best b there. we talkin abt hu else cumin with us.. me bc, tt, jen, dav, tammy, tl, n ld. every1 is shown up but no new of lisa well it 11, one of person in da group set lets go lisa not cumin, so we got on da train den im askin tammy where are we goin, she said "di dung duong" hehe, no wonder she sound so happy abt its .....we plan tat goin to ice-skating but she change her mind we goin to karaoke, by da time we get there noene want to sing den we walk n walk n walk around ct ..doing jasshit bum.. every we can fink of .. DIS IS DA MOST BORIN DAY OUT I EVA WENT TO!!!.. we bum around ct like freak...galaxy world, paddy market, game time,, we even try to see movie but so was full with bcoz da fan of LODR,... then we bum around darling harbour, sitting, chatting, complaning abt the fact doing nothing at all.... by da time 3 o'clock we split up .. tammy n jen goin to shoping then me, bc, n tt... den we went to paddy market again .. dis time we meent tammy n jen der den yea we walk around n bc bought mashi maro ding dong tat hanging on his fone n tammy bought da case for her fone too... wat wif da fone dis day. its take ova da world... neway after walk around paddy market, we meet up dav tt n dylan at capital spuare, come nowhere tt want to go to library den tammy show up we so bored jen was go trough my wallet she look at my sticker photo, she notice tat was kd, then we talk abt kim how she being *beep* n how she date with so many guy,.. well sometime she is *beep*... i dont need to say anything further... tammy sed tat she goes to temple too but i never c her at temple .. n she said tat she come pick her brother ".." dav, tt, dylan, walk toward us den we have nothing else to so we decide to go home, then we split up tammy jen n dylan go to da station me bc dav tl n tt go to library, for while with tom, den tom decided tat he stay back at ct, we catchin da train, o da train dav want goto para, but tony want to goo home so we got out of da train n catchin diff train goto para. at para we sit at da food court for drinks and food...at the food court, we saw chick staring at us ...she was giving like the dirty look too us and pretended too not look....then bc bought a formal shirt at one of da men wear shop for a wedding party tat he'll be going in two week...so we just shopped around .. david bought clothing....den we saw the chick again she giving us the dirty look again... she was so mean at tat time she was thinkin tat we stalker or sumfin ...lolZ and then we saw her again for the 3rd time wif the dis time im not sure, i dont know dis time she c us or not ... for da whole day .. we spend more money at para then ct ....*roflmao*.. tat abt its for da whole day...

Thursday, December 26, 2002

OMG!!! its sin 2 dayz.. i havnt went out, or wud i say tat no1 wud like go out wif me ... well i dont noe..... two dayz.. tat i hav stuck at home sin den..n on dis comp....sin da day tat christmas... doin nufin at all...i hav tryin edit my blogger..... i dont noe y..y my english so bad.. .. heh ....lol...... cya lata ... gtg.. coz my cuz is here,,.. they reali anoyyin.. so yea .. bye bye muah .. to all da girlz .. eheh

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

well we went to da bowlin club close der... n da first person tat wud like to tplay is viet i 4got his english name .. sowie...well his not bad as a bowlin play... hey man .. wtim doin heheh.. no more of long story heh ... aiight let start ova again ... tat is *beeb*.. we went to blow ...after tat get on da train to para....at every design c movie on da train.. lk half of group tat 2 c "home sweet alabama' n other half want to c "the ring" ...till we got der da tym is not rite for sum pllz... coz a few pllz is catholic..they need show up at church .. heh..well i dont hav to heh coz im not catholic ... i not been racism but is juz i dont celebrate christmas eve :'( i dont need 2 stay on da chruch at 12 o'clock in da mornin to celebrate jesus born on da next day.... IM COMPLETELY OUT OF TRACK!!! I SUPPOSE TALKIN ABT MY EVENT NOT, SUMFIN TAT I BELEIVED... sowie abt tat ..lolz well yea .. by tat tym im so hungry tat i hav nefin in my stomach i dont noe y tat my fwen they offer me wif food but den i feel no hungry at all... hehe tat weird dont u fink so.,, after tat we split into two group tat half of pll went 2 c movie n other half lukin for food ...den me. tl, bc, loi, dw,jen, emu, jd n her bf cum home wif us.. but tom and loi walk off b4 us .. der went to stockland at smithfield c "die another day" ... den yea.. dav n tony went into disney store.. buy tammy a present is was.. a sotf toy i fink heh ... after we got her a presie.. dav stay back at para.. waitin for he uncle... he leave jen dum home wif us.. he .. and tat is wat we did b4 christmas eve!!!! bye 4 now heh...
hey heyz pplz..! wellz its the biggest day of the year...NOT !...Merry christmas and a happy new year to all ya ppl out there...i hope u have a safe and happi holidayz....enjoy ya selfs and have a wonderfull christmas.. Since it xmas dayz todayz, stayed home and bum all daiz...didnt go out or anything...whole bunch of relatives came ova and have bbq and just relax....we dont celebrate xmas though we just get together and just have a blastz....welpz nuffing else to say and i guess im off ...signing out ....bryce...>!!!!! ...whoa, at this very moment i can hear fireworks...i guess neighbours are lighting fireworks at this time of d dayz...5:49 LOlz...! what can u see at this time of the dayz. ahehae..! Ps....! bryce...!
hey hey!!! is christmas day today.. Merry Chrismas To All of You.. hav a nice christmas and enjoy... heh (. + ,---. +'.' ('==()', Merry '.+ ('('o',)'o X-mas '.'' (")(")(')

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

hey to day is xmas eve, """Merryy christmas n a happi new year all u people .n i hope u hab a safe n happi holidai coz i am!remember dat if u be happi urself den everyone will be happi""" by BC...well i strongly recommended agree wif dis... heh :) dis mornin we as mean lk all of us... heh ... we all exite abt goin to ice skatin .. at blacktown... dis mornin was so earli every1 supoooose meeeeet at fld station at 9:15 to 9:30 in da mornin ... well ... by da tym tat i get der is 9:30..... i was kind of late but den i realise tat der was onli 3 pll was der.. so i yea.. iwasnt late at all.. heh :) der like bc, tl and jd is first 3 got der... well.. at da same tym i arrive she was walkin onda other side of bus stop... n dont noe wat to say wif my fwen .. so i walk away... sitting at da chair close 2 da mail box at station .. den sudden dw came den all of 'em show up... da last person tat we waitin 4 is eMu ... she want to go iceskatin long tym ago lk last week .. :) ... well i tot tat her fwen was doggin her but turn ou tshe is dogged 'em lol... BTW sht reali nice .. she doesnt want us to dissappoint us... tat y cumin wif us instead heh ... "WTF" she sed ... heh she is one of person hu walk at da front ... she sed it close ..so every1 kinna dissappiont abt it |.) every1 is complanin abt it .. coz we didnt check it on da net ... Irena.com ..... i fink tat da site.. hhe .. im not sure ... (TO BE CONTINUE...) well i cant continue now coz of of lat now ... i do it tmr mornin hehe.. bye gudnite ...btw merry christmas n happy new year!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2002

hey pll... wat cho doin? well im kind of tired coz tat me n bc n tt went to crolluna beach .. wow... is lk we kind of neva meet it b4 ... i was soooooo much fun ... wif 3 gay cunt .... tat is me bc n tt... well.. we didnt do much at da beach we try to swiming around but yea we cant coz tat da wave is high ... been in water lk 15 mins... is gettin *beep* hurt coz da wave tat ...so high n hits me it on my head.... n it make me drink salty water a few tym... tat *beep* hell.....(sowie abt my language...LOLz) well ... i continue lata... heh gtg/... bye ... lol.. i tell u lata abt "Golden Gaytimes"... hehe :)

Sunday, December 22, 2002

hey pllz i supose gt flemington... buy mice ... wif fwens ...they bought lk i fink like two nice ... tt hav 1 n bc hav 1..
my first post... fank 4 cumin... :) bye cya lata BTW merry x-mas n happy new year!!!

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