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Monday, January 06, 2003

hey pllZ.. is long time i havnt post yet!!!! well well.. i dont hav much too say!!!! on last sat' i went to fld showground, with my mum n she brought me 2 pairs of jeanZ.. 1 flares n 1 striaght... n yes a buy this radio finiy.. unmm .. i ask ppl wat do u fick of this.. how much u think its cost...?? n they sed around $100 ...lol.. NOT even.. its like around $10 ... ... after we tat we drive to cabr "di an pho" but catually im havin "com ga da gion" in stread /.. den abt 1 i meet up wif a few friends gt da buddha scout, heh den they drive me to their place n havin bbq, wasnt fun but i won abt $1.20 for playing card... lol $$$ so much on last sunday, my family went to para for yumcha ... ... by da time they get there they enter this famous shop .."DOWNTOWN DUTY FREE".. well as u noe y ppl there for.... yes .. they buyin dis DM i dont noe how much its cost its something like kenwood PDC-X527-H... den they went to livo . n i stay waitin of bc... by da time bc come!!!!! we bum around westfield .. den... we plan gt hurstville ... same thing we bummm around there n hav sumfin to eat... den bc want to wanna cut his hair so yea.. we went in to dis hair salon ... chinese owner .. yes .... they cut like all honkie style ,, :) u c there isnt must thing to do wen u outside.. heh ...

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