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Sunday, January 12, 2003

hey pplz.. .. wat chu doin>??? well..yes.. yesterday was was my older bro bday... sin the begin i woke up ... my b luvin mum yelll at me "u beta wake up b4 i cum n kick ur ass.. of the bed.."" .. heh ... juz kidding ..my mum woudnt say tat... heh, so yea... wen i woke up help help ... my older bro.. syay... he need help .. man oh man .. tat bloody fink so heavy.. is he karaoke set!.. well .. yes he set up in the garage, so we could sing n dance at night, well yes, abt 8 my mum drive me to cabramatta buy foods n food , for da bigger party of my bro coz he's 21 yr old heh .. "happy B'day bigbro"!! uhmm well we brought so many stuff .. of coz bbq, jellys, sausages, beef, lamp, etc ,,, but then yet der is shu shi .. .. well wat chu know my bluvin daddy can make shushi... big deal heh ... ... wait tel chu wat ,, i gtg ... heh ... sin realy late now heh .. is juz 10 pm.. tat is fuck ... u know tat is bloody *beep*... yes yes ...heh ...i'll continue.. like yea wen i hav time heh ....well hav a gud day pplz .. ehhe ... bye for now .. heh ... wel guest wat .. i hav lost my password o upload my site.. .. ARGGGGGG .. well im off to do new site.. a beta one ..jus like kiet and anne..i'll do it soon heh .. i dotn noe .. .. mayb ekeke ..okie bye gud nite pplz.. of im too bed now .. eh heh

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