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Monday, January 20, 2003

hello ... no long no see.. fuck fuck fuck !!! i reali sowie abt tat .. but i cant take it ... its about mu mobile .. i hav lost it after went out with bc, dav, bun, jd, we went to ffld show ground then bc dav and jd each of them brought ddr . well they since got a ddr but dont have any cd, so they we to ct searching for ddr cd play station format, so they can pratice at ome ... lol... well let get back to my problem, my mobile ,, hehe i didnt lose its .. hahah i fool u all... well actualy its been take over sea.. here the story... my older bro have promise my cuz over sea .. that he giv my cuz a mob .. .. but since my cuz want its so much .. so my older bro took my mobile and give it to my cuz... well since then im so bored .. coz i dont have mob .. now . im a guy with out mobile... orh well, i dont cares that much anyway .. mobile isnt a thing that you dont reali need them .. well .. yea.. anyway .. that isnt a thing im concer about ... can any one tell me how is feel when you know that there is some one around about to die, well i dont know how its feel. when i heard the new .. i have no feeling at all .. is thatso sad for me .. well... i can tell u this ... even those i know that my parents isnt here.. i dont know im should cry or not .. is just i have the feeling inside but there is nothing that make me cry ... i dont know .. when there is something sad happen i since to have no tearsat all... its like last time when suome one i reali like i reali miss him but then when i heard the news that him past away, i have no tears .. its coz i hav no feeling or i have no heart .. i ask myself that dont how come i dont feel sad ... well well since last feel day i heard from my dad there is some one reali close to me. waititng for day, i feel sad for its i think about ist over and over but i can not cry, its tat reali sad to me, well i have gtg now . dont forgot to tell me how its feel, contact me if you know!!!

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